The 3-Pronged Approach To Healthy Living

We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. Familiarize yourself with this list to invigorate your exercise regimen and diet, understand the benefits of healthy living, and master the art of safety planning.

1. Healthy Living Options

Luckily, Western Canada is one of the most health conscious areas in the world, where a healthy and active lifestyle is not only possible, but encouraged. Leisure activities are abundant for all, including:

  • Biking and hiking in BC and Alberta’s beautiful outdoors
  • Swimming at community pools, health clubs, and lakes/oceans
  • Participating in sports like golf, tennis, croquet, badminton, or softball
  • Dance classes, whether in more traditional dances like ballet or tap, or more modern ones like Zumba
  • Charity walks and runs, in order to exercise for a good cause

Exercise also allows for opportunities to improve other parts of your life at the same time. Joining a sports team or club can help keep your social life active, while engaging in more spiritual activities like yoga, meditation, pilates, or tai chi can help you build a healthy relationship between your body and mind.

In terms of diet, healthy eating has never been more in vogue than it is now, so it’s easier than ever to savour healthy meals at home, or for a night out. Quinoa, kale, and vegan restaurants are everywhere, so try opening your mind to new possibilities for your meals.


Couple walking on pier

2. Benefits of Healthy Living

It can be easy to get caught up in the idea of healthy living for healthy living’s sake, so here are a few of the tangible advantages to staying active, and eating clean.

Exercise and activity helps to:

  1. Promote muscle strength, coordination, joint function, and flexibility
  2. Increase personal autonomy and feelings of well-being
  3. Directly provide cost-savings to the federal healthcare system, which frees up your tax dollars for other uses

A healthy diet provides the following benefits:

  1. It is much easier to control your weight
  2. A more relaxed and happier mood
  3. Help to combat disease and illness
  4. Boosts your energy and improves your sleep

One of the primary benefits of combining both healthy eating and exercise is that it creates a positive feedback loop in your life. After exercising, you will want to eat healthier food, which will make it easier for you to exercise the next time. This helps to build your new healthy lifestyle, and gives it the momentum to carry on. See this report from the World Health Organization for more info on the benefits of healthy living.


Senior using exercise tracker

3. Safety Planning

Another key aspect of healthy living is safety planning. Accidents are going to happen, but preparing and educating yourself about safety and risk helps ease this concern. Taking a course in injury prevention can help you correct dangerous behaviours, and also provide tips on fall-proofing your surroundings. It may also help to start an accountability group with other seniors, and check in frequently to ensure they are being safe, and to exchange safety tips. Technology has also advanced for both safety and fitness, so you can look into picking up a wearable fitness device that can help keep you safe, or ensure that you’re getting your daily dose of exercise.

In many ways, healthy living can be considered an attitude. By making your health a personal priority, your well-being will flourish. Healthy living is a process, and your body is a complex machine, so respect it, and take care of yourself everyday.

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