Lumby Councilors visit Monashee Mews

On February 14th, 2019, four of Lumby’s councilors visited the Monashee Mews, Vantage Living’s long-term senior care community,  as part of the national #becauseyoucare campaign. The Canadian Association for Long Term Care, CALTC, created the campaign to bring awareness to what they are calling a crisis in long term care facilities. They asked that MLA’s and local government show their support by visiting a long term care facility.

Community Administrator at Monashee Mews, Carole Hunter, fully supports the campaign. “We absolutely need to raise awareness in our community.” After touring the site, Councilor Gary Filafilo agrees, “I learned there is a real need for this facility and everyone we met really cares.”

The campaign is focused on the need for more skilled workers in the long term care industry. CALTC states that last year in Canada the population over the age of 65 was higher then those 14 and under. This is a first for Canada and this looks to be the growing trend. Filafilo states “I know the population is aging and people are living longer. There is a real need for long term care.” Hunter is well aware of the growing demand, “The biggest challenge is providing the staffing level required to meet the needs.” Although she doesn’t believe staffing is currently at a crisis level, “No, I think it changes and it has been, but currently there’s a lot of students going through the program. We have a lot of long term staff that are happy here.”

The Lumby councilors left with a renewed clarity on how important this facility is to our town and aging population. They also agreed to discus ways the Village could support the facility such as creating affordable housing for staff, encouraging volunteers and applying for provincial funding. To learn more about Monashee Mews, please visit our website.

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