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Latisse (Bimatoprost) is the first and only FDA-approved treatment product to grow extensive eyelashes. Bimatoprost makes the eyelashes more noticeable by causing more eyelashes to grow and making them longer, thicker, and darker. It is possible in Canada to buy cheap Latisse online legally without a prescription from the family doctor delivered to your front door.

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Bimatoprost or Lumigan (also known as "latisse") belongs to the prostaglandin analogues and is used as a drug for the treatment of elevated intraocular pressure. The application takes place once a day. For some time, the drug has also been used in the US for better eyelash growth.

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It is possible in Canada to buy cheap Latisse online legally without a prescription from the family doctor. This is made possible by the issue of an online prescription at the online pharmacy.

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An online prescription for Bimatoprost drops can be issued after completing an online questionnaire. The prescription is then immediately forwarded to a mail-order pharmacy, from which the bimatoprost eye drops are then dispensed i.d.R. is sent to the customer within one day.

This is duty-free and legal because the online pharmacy relies on the EU Patient Mobility Directive, which allows patients to buy their medicines in other EU countries where online diagnosis is legal.

Medical application of bimatoprost

For patients with elevated intraocular pressure, the drug is available as eye drops under the trade name Lumigan® and in combination with timolol as Ganfort®. The drug lowers intraocular pressure through improved drainage of aqueous humor. The application takes place once a day in the evening. More frequent use would weaken the effect. Side effects may include conjunctival hyperemia and itchy eyes.

Bimatoprost for eyelash growth

In the US, bimatoprost is available as Latisse® for better eyelash growth. For this purpose, the application is made with an applicator to the eyelash base on the upper edge of the lid. It is also used for medical indications (hypotrichosis = loss of eyelashes). The agent increases the growth of the eyelash hairs and makes them denser, longer and darker. Latisse® is prescribed by doctors in the United States when hypotrichosis is detected.

Longer eyelashes with Latisse eye drops

However, the effect of stronger growing eyelashes is not unlimited, it ends after a maximum of 16 weeks. Then the remedy, which after all can cause side effects, can be discontinued. The eyelashes return to their original appearance within a few months after weaning. Latisse® is also used at night. It should be noted that the iris can darken, which is harmless. The manufacturer points out that the solution may only be applied to the eyelash base. Should it come into contact with other areas of the skin, hair could also grow there

Bimatoprost for eyelash extensions - eyelash serum

Eyelash growth was an immediate side effect of the drug bimatoprost, after which Latisse® was developed. Something like this happens more often: If pharmaceutical companies notice positive side effects of a drug, they like to develop lifestyle supplements on this basis. The drug Minoxidil, for example, was already discovered in the 1990s that he grows hair, today it is contained in hair restorers.

Apostrophe Testimonial - Before Photo
Apostrophe Testimonial - After Photo
I almost stopped using Latisse when I didn’t see instant results, but my patience paid off - after my second shipment, I really started noticing a difference in the length and color of my lashes. It’s way more low-maintenance than extensions, and the results last longer too!
- Shannon, 30, California
Apostrophe Testimonial - Before Photo
Apostrophe Testimonial - After Photo
My lashes have not only grown extensively in length and volume, but I have significantly more lashes too! I love [Apostrophe] because it is very simple and easy to use.
- Kendra, 19, Minnesota

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