Vibrant Advantage™

Whether operating Independent Living, Assisted Living or Residential Care, our values are captured in a philosophy and approach to care and service delivery which is centered on our residents.

The Vibrant Advantage™ is for, and focused on, seniors and means that every day, every resident will experience:

  • a choice
  • a smile
  • a need met
  • a laugh,
  • a hug, or
  • an opportunity to grow, learn and teach.

The Vibrant Advantage™ incorporates:

  • The promotion of independence;
  • Person-centered service provision;
  • Dignity and privacy;
  • Home-like environment; and
  • Autonomy, self-determination, self-governance.

The Vibrant Advantage™ experience residents enjoy when living in any Vantage Living community is more than simply having private space, a schedule for service delivery, recreational programs and other activities. It is a combination of meaningful relationships, social opportunities, culture, choice, shared ideas and interests. It’s a sense of involvement in the everyday life of the community.

Small reminiscent moments, profound learning experiences, the simplicity of a shared smile, a sense of safety and security, a pleasurable dining experience or taking a moment to learn about a neighbour’s heritage are all meaningful experiences by residents living in Vantage Living communities.

For many, true-life enjoyment comes through an ability to organize each day, learn new skills, make choices or share a laugh with a friend. This shouldn’t change when one comes to live in a care community. Vantage Living strives to ensure residents enjoy a Vibrant Advantage™ experience in everyday life while living in care.

Vantage Living understands that a need for care and support does not necessarily mean a need to be fully dependent. In residential care, seniors have health-related needs that create dependency in some areas however maintaining control, wherever possible, is important and dramatically affects the quality of life. Enjoying a Vibrant Advantage™ experience includes feeling safe, making choices to exercise control and celebrating ability. Vantage Living’s care model has been developed to promote each residents’ ability to enjoy a Vibrant Advantage™ experience in everyday life within the community.