The Vibrant Advantage™

Our focus on seniors means that every day, every resident will experience: a choice, a smile, a need met, a laugh, a hug, and/or an opportunity to grow, learn and teach.

The Vibrant Advantage™

  • Promoting independence
  • Person-centered service
  • Dignity and privacy
  • Home-like environment
  • Autonomy, self-determination, self-governance

Meaningful Relationships

The Vibrant Advantage™ is about more than a private space, a schedule for services, and recreational programs. It is a combination of meaningful relationships, uplifting culture, social opportunities, choice, shared ideas and interests. It’s a sense of involvement in the everyday life of the community.

Meaningful Experiences

Small memorable moments, profound learning experiences, connection, and the simplicity of a shared smile. We take the time to create a sense of safety and security, resulting in a pleasurable experience for every resident living in a Vantage Living community.

Our communities are full of life!

For many, true enjoyment of life comes through an ability to organize each day, learn new skills, make choices and share a laugh with a friend. We believe this shouldn’t change when living in a care community.

Stop by and say ‘Hello’.

Our communities are filled with smiling faces and big personalities. We invite you to stop by any of our Vantage Living communities during our daily social and recreational activities. You will no doubt discover a positive place where seniors are celebrated and given the freedom to enjoy life.

Volunteer with us. We’re always looking for passionate people to come out and brighten our residents’ days.