Vantage Living has received the International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing Award of Excellence for the Mentorship Program which was delivered in partnership with the Interior Health Authority, BC Housing and several non profit groups representing small and rural communities in BC’s interior.

It is extremely difficult to build and operate seniors housing, including Assisted Living, in small communities because the unit entitlement is small and service delivery therefore challenging. The Interior Health Authority elected to appeal to not-for-profit entities for the delivery of funded Assisted Living services in these locations. As many of these societies had little or no experience in the delivery of hospitality and/or personal care services, the mentorship program was created as an innovative means to build capacity amongst not-for-profit societies that already had a presence in these communities.

Vantage Living contracted with the Interior Health Authority to mentor societies in small or rural communities with populations ranging from 300 to 24000. Vantage Living’s role is to support, educate and mentor the societies in the delivery of hospitality and personal care services within the intended mandate and philosophy of the provincially funded Assisted Living program.

The objective of the mentorship program is to build operating capacity in not-for-profit societies so that they might be self-sufficient operators of funded Assisted Living within small and remote communities to fulfill the provincial mandate of “Right Place” for eligible seniors and persons with disabilities.

All of the not-for-profit societies participating in the mentorship program have now “graduated” and are operating independently. Some have gone on to sponsor additional programs and services for seniors within their respective communities as a result of the skills they acquired.

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